Paint Your Own/DIY Ketubah
We Provide the Ketubah Text, You Add the Art!

Want to create your own design? Have an artistic friend who wants to create the design for you? Now you can concentrate on the art without having to worry about the calligraphy OR writing out an entire text in Hebrew and English!

Our “Paint Your Own” ketubah text is printed with archival, pigmented black ink that will resist fading for decades. The paper is Carson Infinity Velin Museum Rag 250gsm 100% cotton, a favorite brand among fine artists. We have tested the paper with acrylic paints and it works well with almost any dry medium. (No “bleeding.”) If your artist will be using watercolors, we also offer Epson Hot Press (330gsm) or Cold Press (340gsm) Watercolor Papers. Just let us know which you'd like us to use.

The ketubah's size are as follows:

18" x 24," and the text area is 7" x 12 1/4", 12" in dia., or hamsa shape centered on the paper.

24" x 18," and the text area is 12" x 9" or 12" in dia., centered on the paper.

24" x 24," and the text area is 12" x 12", 12", or hamsa shape in dia., centered on the paper.

Other sizes, configurations and text colors can be accommodated but will incur additional customization charges. (That is, we will give you quotes for custom size, text placement and text color variations by request.)