“Your Photo” Ketubah

Imagine a ketubah as unique as the two of you!
'Your Photo' Ketubah Example #1

You've taken the perfect photo —
Now let us transform it into a fine art ketubah!

We'll "marry" your precious photo with your chosen ketubah text (you can use one of ours or write your own) and then print it on archival, fine art paper with our large-format giclee printer to create a one-of-a-kind ketubah created just for the two of you.

What a way to celebrate your special day and keep the memories alive for years to come!

How it works:


When you order, you will place the item, "Your Photo" Ketubah, in your cart, then choose your text and options and check out like normal. If you have any preference of how the text should be placed on the photo, just let us know in the Customer Notes box at the end of the checkout process. You must separately mail your hard copy photo or email your digital photo to us at info@mpartworks.com. Before choosing a photo, please review it carefully with an eye toward how it might look in a larger format, specifically looking for blurry areas, blemishes or details that might look OK in a small size but will be annoyingly obvious when printed in a larger format.


If you are sending us a digital picture, the higher the resolution, the better your ketubah will look when it is enlarged. For those of you who understand the technical stuff, please be sure it is at least 1200 dpi at 4" x 6" (4800 x 7200 pixels). For the rest of us, before you snap away, try to look in your camera’s manual for instructions on setting both the size and, if possible, the compression. Size is sometimes called pixels or ‘recording pixels’ for still images. Choose ‘large.’ For Compression, choose ‘high quality’ or ‘superfine.’ (These may be called different things for different brands of cameras. You may want to check the Web site for the make and model of your camera to get the correct information.) In any event, just email us the highest resolution picture you have in the largest size you have. Either way, we'll take a look at your proposed picture before starting the job and let you know if we think it will work or if it will be too grainy when we blow it up.


(By ordering a "Your Photo" Ketubah, you also confirm that you hold the copyright to the photo or that you have permission from the copyright holder to use the photo for this purpose.)


'Your Photo' Ketubah Example #2

To give you a few examples:

Perhaps you'll use a photo of the spot where he popped the question...

You can pair your photo with any of our ketubah texts (or create your own!) This ketubah features a text that we have colored to match the picture.

Or the place you dream of visiting together someday...

We'll add the ketubah text in a stylish, artistic way to create a beautiful work of art. Sometimes a photo looks best split and surrounding the text as it does here.

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